Camp Kooch-i-ching has provided us with experience and a love of wild places. They continue to be supportive and helpful as we prepare to embark on our own. We want to thank Kooch for getting us to this point. Camp Kooch-i-ching has been helping young men (and young women at Ogichi Daa Kwe ) experience and respect the wilderness for over 80 years.

The Rivers School has been helpful and inspirational. Through their enrichment program they helped fund Jeremy’s 2006 exploratory trip on the Thelon

Emily Stirr and Nina Emery have gone to extraordinary lengths to give us detailed and accurate information about organizing this expedition. Their level of commitment, professionalism, and interest has been moving. Emily and Nina were members of the 2005 Borealis Paddling Expedition, which traveled approximately 1200 miles from Wollaston Lake to Chantrey Inlet and raised $50,000 for Camp Manito-Wish YMCA.

Alex Hall has been extremely helpful with his advice and encouragement. Alex has been guiding trips in the arctic for many years, and we want to thank him for guiding one of our members into the arctic last summer on the Thelon River. The trip was truly amazing, inspirational, and a great deal of knowledge was gained on the journey. Alex runs Canoe Arctic Inc. He is the best outfitter in the arctic.

Michael Peake has been encouraging and helpful, especially with regard to routes. Michael is the publisher of Che-mun: The Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing. He has also made back issues of Che-mun available, from which we have learned a great deal.

Allan Jacobs has given us invaluable advice on parts of our route, and about safety and logistics of expedition tripping. Allan is a fellow member of the Wilderness Canoe Association, and a contributor to its quarterly Journal, Nastawagan.

Cliff Jacobson has been enthusiastic about answering our logistical questions pertaining to expedition tripping. His book, Expedition Canoeing (Twentieth-Anniversary Edition) has also been very helpful.

Robert Perkins has been inspirational and helpful on the subject of arctic canoeing. His point of view about the wilderness and how we relate to nature has been influential. Rob is an extraordinary writer, filmmaker, and story-teller.

David Pelly has done a great deal to help preserve the arctic. His book, Thelon: A River Sanctuary delves deeply into the history of the region and speculates about its future. He is the author of several other books and many articles. We would like to thank David for helping us connect with World Wildlife Fund – Canada.

Tim Clark has been instrumental in getting this website up, running, and updated. He is the home base member of the expedition. Tim is a fellow art teacher at the Rivers School, as well as a talented sculptor.