June 29, 2007
The expedition is now approximately 150 miles into their trip. They are on the Hanbury River. They have had to travel 75 miles over ice and are still encountering ice problems. The problems are lessening now and they have been able to either chop away at the ice or pull over it. They are in good spirits and pleased that they have been able to continue despite the ice.

July 2, 2007
The group is still on the Hanbury River at Hanbury Falls. They are all fine and in good spirits. Jeremy says they are ahead of schedule even with the all the ice. Presently the ice is gone on the river, as the weather is warmer with lots of sun. So they are moving much faster on the river.
The 80 miles of ice were grueling. They pulled the canoes by making harnesses out of the bow ropes. The guys pulled the canoes like sled dogs!
Beginning to see wild life especially wolves and caribou. Fishing for lake trout still fantastic. Bugs are out and biting at least at 8 pm when we spoke with them. It was exciting just talking to Jeremy and Robert. Feeling blessed that they are all doing well.

July 19, 2007
As of Thursday, July 19 the guys were at mile 495 on the trip, making great time. They have asked me to look in to making arrangements to get picked up a full five days early. We will see what I can do. There may be too much ice in Chantry Inlet for the boat to pick them up any earlier than the scheduled pickup. They are finished with the Morse River and were on Gary Lake when I spoke to Jeremy. There was no wind on the lake so they were making good time. With no wind comes many mosquitoes. Thursday night they had lake trout for dinner and Sam reported that it was delicious. They are heading for the Back River.

July 25, 2007
The expedition is out of Gary Lake and on the Back River. It is beautiful. They had too much wind to paddle monday but still expect to finish the trip early. Chris Sledzick caught a 40 pound lake trout on monday.

July 31, 2007
The guys crossed the Arctic Circle today! They paddled backwards across and are continuing on to their final destination. They have approximately 66 more miles to paddle to reach Chantrey Inlet. Alex caught an enormous trout, probably close to 50 pounds. Spirits are good and they sound happy. We hope to fly them out of Chantrey Inlet to Gjoa Haven on August 7th and they all fly to Yellowknife on the 10th. I think I have secured them housing in Gjoa Haven and a visit to a local school to talk about their trip.

August 5, 2007
Trip is complete! They arrived at Chantrey Inlet today and are feeling great! They will be picked up by plane to fly to Gjoa Haven on Monday or Tuesday.

August 7, 2007
Successful flight to Gjoa Haven, they are enjoying relaxing and eating junk food.